Friday, July 29, 2016

ANIMALS July 22 - August 18 2016

Here are paintings from my current show ANIMALS which runs from July 22nd to August 18th at ACME Art Studios located at 711 N. 5th Ave. in Wilmington, NC.
I have included info per each piece. The series of animal faces shown at the bottom are all ink on handmade paper , measure 11.5 x 9 inches and sell for $60 each. I have not included a few sold pieces but will post at a later date.
If you are interested in purchasing or working out a payment plan, please e-mail me at or call me directly at (910) 264-2661. I accept all forms of payment.
I hope you enjoy the show!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Gallery of Recent Paintings

For the past year and a half I focused mainly on my ink and watercolor work and enjoyed every minute of it.
Now I feel the need to produce more work on canvas and to explore a more colorful and textural approach. Not that I am laying down my pens and ink, I am simply following my muse as all us artists must do when given the opportunity.
Here is a gallery of some of the work I have done since the beginning of the year. A few of these pieces have sold and all are available as prints. If you are interested in purchasing a print or an original, please contact me at . Prints are available in a variety of sizes.

I hope you enjoy the work.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

No Boundaries International Artist's Colony

We arrived on Bald Head Island, NC on Friday, November 6th and were welcomed by sunny skies, warm beaches and bright blue waters.
We quickly settled in and started straight to work, every artist excited and ready to take full advantage of this fantastic opportunity. This series of photos focuses and the house I share with Iandry Randriamanoroso (Madagascar /Brooklyn, NY), Nii Narku (Ghanna) and Lazaro Salsita (Cuba).

Iandry with Birds, Nii with Figurative Abstracts, Lazaro with String and Assemblage pieces which center on the topic of leaving Cuba for the USA. I worked on a galley fold book my first couple days as well as some painting which I will show in my next post along with the other artist's work who reside in two other house.

Beautiful scenery, working hard and a night of  Iandry and Lazaro playing moonlight DJs.

Here is a list of all the artists and their websites below. I am hoping to post again and a day or two.

Ana Young -
Fritzi Huber - Go to facebook
Kirah Van Sickle -
Lazaro Salsita -
Michelle Connoly -
Myrna Pronchuk -
Nii Narku -
Rusudan Khizanishvili -
Mark Weber -

Monday, October 12, 2015

"Birds of a Feather " Nov. 27th - Dec.7th

Karen Paden Crouch and myself will be hosting "Birds of a Feather" , a show featuring Karen's sculptures and my drawings and paintings. I created a number of pieces based on her sculptures and she in turn created works based on my drawings and paintings. Our vision is very similar and we are very excited about the collaboration.
Opening reception is Friday, Nov.27th at ACME Art Studios, 711 N. 5th Ave. Wilmington, NC and runs through Dec.7th. If you have any questions etc., please feel free to contact me at (910) 264-2661

We have created an events page on Facebook under "Birds of a Feather" as well and will be posting some images soon.
Hope to see you on the 27th!!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Pen & Ink go to!

With all the cool, non-messy waterproof marker pens out there it's easy to get away from using the good old pen nib and bottle of ink. But, that's just what I did yesterday and today. The two larger pieces consists of oil washes on gessoed wood panels while the other is done on an 80lb stock. Both were completed with pen and ink.